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World War One Collection

So far I've discovered that 33 of the men and boys from the Peasants to Puddles family lost their lives in the First World War. I have compiled a page for each of them with as much information as I could gather from archives and where possible from family members. This page brings together links to all these pages. Sadly I only have photos of a few of these men - if anyone can supply photos of the others, it would be very much appreciated. Similarly if anybody has information they'd like to add for any of these men, do please get in touch.

George Edwin Rowberry

James Francis LowthAlfred Charles Rowberry

Joseph Higginson
Archibald James McKersie
George Thomas Rowbrey

John Templeton Johnstone

John William Bent

William Johnston
Ebenezer Robert Thorburn
Edwin Frederick Stamp

William Alfred Rowbury

Matthew Knowles Thorburn

Raymond Hercules ThorburnAlbert Edwin Corbett
Thomas William Rowberry
Thomas Johnstone
William Rubery
Thomas Colthart
Charles Henry Lowth
Harold Ivus Lowth

William George Corbett

Stanley James Thorburn
Samuel Albert Rowberry

John Beasley
Joseph FraserWilliam Hoatson
Thomas Rankin Thorburn
Alexander Richard Thorburn
Harold Alcock

Edwin Charles Rowberry
William Hugh Thorburn

Charles Adam Thorburn

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