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This branch of the family begins with Lydia (or Lidia as it was written at her baptism) Rowbery or Rowbry. Like so many women in the 18th century, there are very few records for her. I've only found her mentioned three times. Her baptism in 1718 and burial in 1785 are both recorded in Thornbury.

The only other mention of her is from 1759 when she had an illegitimate child (John) baptised in Thornbury. Lydia would have been 40 by then and whoever the father was, he didn't marry poor Lydia. Hopefully her family helped support her, as the child did at least survive. Lydia survived just long enough to see her son married and her first grandchild born.

Lydia's son John married Mary Wilcox in 1784 in nearby Tenbury. Their first 3 children were born (or at least baptised) in John's home parish of Thornbury. Around 1790 the family moved to Greete in Shropshire, about 10 miles away. The rest of their 9 children were born there. The spelling of the surname varied greatly around this time - Rubry, Rowbery, Rowberry and even Rowborough. The family stayed there at least until 1806 when the last child was born and possibly longer as another daughter Margaret married in Greete in 1822. So far though I've not managed to find burial records for John & Mary.

John & Mary's youngest son Richard married Mary Cox and settled in the Shobdon area. You can read more about his family here.

John & Mary's oldest son John Rowbury moved to nearby Little Hereford and raised a large family there with his wife Elizabeth Roberts. I've not found anything in the records to tell me what John senior did, but this John Rowbury was a labourer. John junior died in 1837 aged just 50. His widow Elizabeth outlived him by more than 30 years, remaining in Little Hereford for the rest of her life.

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The family tree below summarises what I know about the above generations of my Rowberry family. It is hopefully reasonably accurate, but if you spot any errors, or any relatives, please feel free to E-mail me

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