Peasants to Puddles
My Family History - By Nicky Rowberry

A Poem by William B Jeeve - In Memory of Johnny Fraser

It is a pleasant thing to praise
My right hand man of bygone days;
This craftsman of uncommon skill,
A Scotchman of undaunted will.
And long will his respected name,
Green in my memory remain.

Foremost among my Mirlees friends,
A man on whom I could depend,
Of kindly heart and cleanly mind,
With quiet ways and tastes refined;
Esteemed by managers and men,
A better man we rarely ken

By lofty purposes impelled,
In arts and crafts by few excelled;
Each day his tireless, fertile mind
Some cunning, new device designed,
Or some improvement sought to win -
Efficiency was all to him.

With active step, erect, alert,
He set the pace in sport and work;
Nor thinking it a wrong display
Assumed for us a courage gay,
And sternly from the world concealed
That malady his death revealed.

It seemed to us he lived and wrought,
As one who feared his time was short,
And fain would do, while yet he could,
For those he loved - the greatest good.
So well he toiled for child and wife,
And spared for them no sacrifice.

On your good points we long could dwell,
Oh, loyal one, who did so well,
But we must leave you 'neath the sod
And trust that soul of yours to God,
To Whom you learned from parents twain,
You would not trust your soul in vain.

And in that faith, we will rely,
Goodbye, my bonny Scot - goodbye.

Nicky Rowberry 2012

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Peasants to Puddles - My Family History. By Nicky Rowberry