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With the help of many other kind relatives and researchers, I am reasonably confident about the Lowth/Louth family tree back as far as the William Lowth who married Elizabeth Ingle in 1755. What is less certain though is the parentage of this William Lowth. Although he marries in Colsterworth in Lincolnshire in 1755 there is no likely baptism for him in this parish or any of the surrounding ones. Given that he married in 1755 (and 1748) and that he was most likely at least 20 at the time of his first marriage, it would suggest a birth in perhaps the 1720s. The most likely baptism so far is that of a William Louth in 1725 in Little Casterton, Rutland. Although this is in a different county to Colsterworth, it is in fact only about 12 miles away.

Not only is this baptism at roughly the right time and not too far away, but the parents are given as Paul & Elizabeth Louth. Paul was a reasonably unusual name in those days and the fact that William named one of his children Paul, adds weight to the argument that this is his baptism. I don't know anything yet about the lives of these Lowth ancestors, although agricultural labourers is probably the most likely.

Although images of many of the Lincolnshire parish registers are now available to view online, the Rutland ones are not, so I have yet to check out the details given on the tree below. But for the time being this what I think is the correct ancestry for William Lowth. Please don't take it as gospel. If anyone has any alternative suggestions, I would be more than happy to amend this.

The family tree below summarises what I know about this part of the Lowth family tree. It is hopefully reasonably accurate, but if you spot any errors, or any relatives, please feel free to E-mail me

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