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The following problems are all brickwalls which have been driving me mad to a greater or lesser extent for some time now. Some of them are blocks that are preventing me getting back any further with a particular line. Some of them are just things that bug me and I'd like to be able to solve.

If anyone can break through any of these brickwalls, or suggest some new lines of enquiry that I could pursue with them, I would love to hear from them. Please E-mail me if you have any helpful suggestions. It would be very much appreciated.

Annie Puddle's origins.

My great grandmother Annie Puddle's origins are without doubt my most frustrating brickwall. She gives only the surname Puddle for her father's name on her marriage certificate, suggesting I think that she may have been illegitimate. I can find trace of neither a birth certificate nor a baptism record, and in both the 1881 and 1891 censuses she is found lodging with an old lady called Eliza Jones, with no indication of any relationship. For further details of what I do know about Annie Puddle, please click on the following link

Richard James's marriage.

Richard James had possibly eleven children with his wife Elizabeth, but I can't find a definite marriage for them. Without the marriage I will never know what Elizabeth's maiden name was, so can't take her line back any further. She seeems to have been born in Lincolnshire about 1778, but there are an awful lot of Elizabeth's that would fit that description! For more information on the James family, please click the following link

What happened to my great grandfather's sister Elizabeth Brookes?

My 2 x great Aunt Elizabeth Brookes was born in Herefordshire in 1872. I know she was alive and working as a kitchenmaid in Burghill Asylum in 1891, but I can't find any trace of her after that. I've traced all her brothers and sisters, so it bugs me that she is unaccounted for. If anyone knows what happened to her, I'd love to hear from them. For more information on this part of my Brookes tree, please click on the following link

What happened to Uncle Doug Fraser's daughter Jeanette?

Solved!! At last the mystery is solved and the two families are reunited. So pleased to be able to say that Jeanette found the website and we are now in touch - a very happy ending! For more information on this part of my Fraser tree, please click on the following link

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