Peasants to Puddles

My Family History

By Nicky Rowberry

This website is dedicated to my Dad Tim Rowberry and my Mum Pamela Rowberry (nee James). Sadly they have both now passed away but their kindness, wit and sense of fun will remain with all of us who knew them - things that are well worth passing down the family tree.

Over the years, I have tried to research all my ancestral lines as far as I could, some with more success than others. In this website I am attempting to display as much of my family history as possible, in the hope that it will be of interest to someone else too! More information is being added regularly, so please come back and check it out again sometime.

This website is designed to work on Internet Explorer. My apologies to those using other browsers, for whom some bits of it might not work, but I'm afraid my computer skills aren't up to getting it to work for all browsers yet.

If you think you've found a link with one of your family, or have any other comments, feel free to E-mail me

Please click on one of the links below to go to one of the main surname pages on the site. Each surname page contains a family tree, additional information and photographs where I have them. Alternatively click on the Surname List below to get a full list of all surnames mentioned on this site.

Nottingham &
Scottish Families

As well as the above mentioned surnames, many others feature to a greater or lesser extent on the website. Please click on the link below, for a complete list of all the other names that occur.

The following are links to other pages that I hope will be of interest.

This link is to a Site Map listing every individual page on this site.

This link is to a page of photographs of unknown people and places. Any help in identifying these would be very much appreciated.

This link is to a timeline which will hopefully be of interest. It puts some of my family's events into some kind of historical context.

This link is to a page of Links to other sites that I have found particularly useful or interesting. There are both surname specific links and more general family history links.

This is a link to a page of photographic illustrations of my family tree.

This is a link to a page of my most problematic family history sticking points.

World War One - A collection of pages dedicated to men of this family who lost their lives in WW1.

Weddings. A collection of photos celebrating weddings in the family through the decades.

Brookes Families of Herefordshire. Research into some of the other Brookes/Brooks families.

What's New
The following items have been added since 1st March 2023.
Garnols - New Page.
Ingle - Updated text, trees & new photos.
Brookes Page 3 - Updated text, trees & new photos.
Rowberry Page 11 - Updated text & images.
Harry Farr - New Page.
John James Nurse - New Page.
Farr - New Page.
Horace Ingle - New Page.
Puddle Page 1 - Major update with DNA evidence
Puddle Page 2 - New Page

If you think you've found a link with one of your family, or have any other comments, feel free to E-mail me

In the interests of personal privacy, I have limited the scope of the information in this website such that, with the exception of myself, no living people will be included.

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